Soft Cement White
Quarzi Grey Room Scene.jpg
Mimicing cement with the qualities of porcelain, offered in multiple finishes, the collection bolsters the monotone sophistication of modern style. Offering multiple colors in different sizes, the interior can be staged using the combination to create contrast and clarity.
Colors in collection
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Imperial Grey.jpg
Imperial Grey.jpg
Mosaics Available (if no images below then no matching mosaics available) 
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General Specifications
Product Type: 
Floor & Wall
Residential, Light Commercial
Edging Type:
Frost Resistance:
Slip Properties: 
Polished = N/A, Matte = R9
Abrasian Resistance:
Class 5
Glazed Porcelain
Quarzi Grey Room Scene.jpg
Available Versions based on: Size - Thickness -  Finish ( SKU Code )
( CX-SFC1C2 ) - 12"x12" - 8mm - Mosaic- Matte
( CX-SFC1A2 ) - 12"x24" - 8mm - Matte
( CX-SFC1B1 ) - 24"x24" - 8mm - Polished
( CX-SFC1B2 ) - 24"x24" - 8mm - Matte