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Sandstone 2.0 Light Grey
Quarzi Grey Room Scene.jpg
Consistency in color and design provide the subtle solution for an exterior project with Sandstone 2.0. Offered in 3 colors, this 2CM thick collection has minimal variation and can be installed in multiple ways for an exterior project to take on any weather condition with its durable construction and gritty finish.
Colors in collection
Imperial Grey.jpg
Imperial Grey.jpg
Imperial Grey.jpg
Mosaics Available in Collection (No images = no mosaics in collection) 
Quarzi Light Grey 12x24.jpg
General Specifications
Product Type: 
Floor & Wall
Residential, Light Commercial
Edging Type:
Frost Resistance:
Quarzi Grey Room Scene.jpg
Slip Properties: 
Matte = R11
Abrasian Resistance:
Class 5
Glazed Porcelain
Available Versions based on: Size - Thickness -  Finish ( SKU Code )
(CX-SDT1A2N) - 12" x 24"- 20mm - Matte Bullnose
(CX-SDT1B2) - 24" x 24"- 20mm - Matte
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Environmental Page.png
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