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Onix Pearl
Quarzi Grey Room Scene.jpg
Onix Pearl features a fantastic subtle pattern inspired by the semiprecious stone. As in the room scenes, it creates a background of indulgence ready with the ability to allow a sharp shot of color to amass a unique statement.
Colors in collection
Imperial Grey.jpg
Imperial Grey.jpg
Mosaics Available in Collection (No images = no mosaics in collection) 
Quarzi Light Grey 12x24.jpg
General Specifications
Product Type: 
Floor & Wall
Residential, Light Commercial
Edging Type:
Frost Resistance:
Quarzi Grey Room Scene.jpg
Slip Properties: 
Polished = N/A, Matte = R9A
Abrasian Resistance:
Class 4
Glazed Porcelain
Available Versions based on: Size - Thickness -  Finish ( SKU Code )
( CX-ONP1D1 ) - 24" x 48" - 8mm - Polished
( CX-ONP1D2 ) - 24" x 48" - 8mm - Matte
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Environmental Page.png
Environmental Page.png
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