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Statuario Nuovo
Quarzi Grey Room Scene.jpg
The bright side of marble elegance. Tiles with a perfectly smooth, near white surface accompanied by dynamic veins in gray shades, will beautifully brighten up the interior and provide it with a unique lightness. They will fit perfectly in the modern glamour style, where together with some intriguing accessories, they will create an interior full of chic character. The Statuario nuovo tiles will work equally perfect in small living spaces as well as in those grand and spacious ones.
Colors in collection
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Mosaics Available in Collection (No images = no mosaics in collection) 
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General Specifications
Product Type: 
Floor & Wall
Residential, Light Commercial
Edging Type:
Frost Resistance:
Quarzi Grey Room Scene.jpg
Slip Properties: 
Polished = N/A
Abrasian Resistance:
Class 5
Glazed Porcelain
Available Versions based on: Size - Thickness -  Finish ( SKU Code )
( CX-STN1G1 ) - 48" x 110" - 6mm - Polished
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