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Paris Madeleine
Quarzi Grey Room Scene.jpg
Parisian style is world-renowned and sought after to create the dynamic atmosphere that can transport you right into the early years where writers, actors, musicians highlighted and chased the Parisian lifestyle. With the Paris collection, many trinkets and pieces were added to design the environment where thed Golden Age fallacy is in full display highlighting the best style of Paris.
Colors in collection
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Mosaics Available in Collection (No images = no mosaics in collection) 
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General Specifications
Product Type: 
Floor & Wall
Edging Type:
Frost Resistance:
Quarzi Grey Room Scene.jpg
Slip Properties: 
Matte = R9
Abrasian Resistance:
Class 3
Glazed Porcelain
Available Versions based on: Size - Thickness -  Finish ( SKU Code )
( CX-PAR1B2 ) - 24" x 24" - 10mm - Matte
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Environmental Page.png
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