Stonemood White Mosaic

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Returning back to nature is in fashion, and natural resources are leading the way! References to the natural world have been visible for several seasons now, and they become more and more noticeable with each one. Inspired by the beauty of natural stone, and which will surely complement any design from traditional, to classic, to modern. Porcelain tiles with a smooth, matt surface perfectly imitate natural stone, are based on a natural grey color palette, and thanks to their characteristic veining patterns they perfectly reflect the beauty of the natural world. Offered in a variety of sizes and two finishes, the matte finished is referred to as Stonemood, and the polished finish as Luxstone.

Mosaics in Collection

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General Specifications
Size (Chip Size:)
Product Type: 
Frost Resistance:
Slip Properties: 
Abrasian Resistance:
12" x 12" (2" x 2")
Floor & Wall
Colored Body Porcelain
Residential, Light Commercial
Matte = R9
Class 4
5 pcs/box - 22lbs/box
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