Waterjet Mosaics

The collection below allows the audacious character to free their style and create a one of a kind experience for any pair of eyes. Mixing the various marvels of material with the ultimate design, these mosaics can elevate any setting into a one of a kind. 

Catalogue of Waterjet Mosaic designs

CTR-LH19-May005-2F Nero Marquina- Brass

Dark Willow Whisper

Nero Marquina ones of the most famous stones extracted from Spain. It is commonly known for its fine black grain, with white veins. Finished with a subtle hint of brass, the dark knight mosaic brings a classy luxurious feel to any space. 


12" (305mm)

Nero Marquina
Black Terrazzo

12.75" (324mm)

White Willow Whisper

Bianco Carrara is one of the most recognizable marbles, white with subtle grey veining. When pared with the pure white from the thassos white marble, the veining really comes to life. With the brass eyes complementing the two stones elegantly.


12" (305mm)

Bianco Carrara
China Thassos White

12.75" (324mm)

CTR-LH19-May005-2A Bianco Carrara-Thasso
CTR-2019-May011-2A Nero Marquina-Brass (

Cross Lock of Love

The pattern of the cross has long been crowned with faithful love. Cross lock of Love Art Mosaic. The inspriation comes from the pattern of the cross with the sentimental sign to lock the true love in your heart, and make a lifetime promise.


12.8" (325mm)

Nero Marquina

10.24" (260mm)

Dark Hex Lines

The Dark Hex lines represent the diversity of music notes. The Designer adopts Brass to represent the ripples of  different music note patterns that convey different emotions.

Nero Marquina

10.39" (264mm)

11.93" (303mm)

CTR-LH19-Apr002-1B Nero Marquina-Brass (

Journey of Youth

The Journey of Youth mosaic is like a blank canvas waiting for us to doodle. The design inlays various little symbols into hexagons, with irregular arrangements highlighting the vitality and flexibility of youth. The path to blossom with age.

10.12" (257mm)

Nero Marquina

11.69" (297mm

Flowing Diamonds

Flowing Diamonds with a staggered layout and tri-colour structure brings a classic, yet modern feel to any space. Dominating with the Thassos White outlined with an elegant Bolivia Blue and centered around a diamond shape brass outline. This mosaic is far from ordinary, inspired by Mount Meili.


13.62" (346mm)

Bolivia Blue
China Thassos White
CTR-LH19-Mar004-2A White Thassos-Bolivia

11.81" (300mm)

Royal Whisper

The inspiration for royal whisper comes from vintage Chinese window frames. Maiden sitting beside the window and missing beloved faraway in the moonlight. A shamed silhouette was reflected on the window paper. A simple geometric structure but contains abundant emotions.


8.1" (305mm)

Black Terrazzo

8.89" (226mm)

Antique Steel Terrazzo

In the evening , moonlight is shining on the face of water and candlelights flicker in an ancient Italian castle. Antique Steel Terrazzo Mosaic graceful and luxury inspired by classic Italian chandeliers, allowing you to experience Italian elegance at home without going to Italy.


17.44" (443mm)

Stainless Steel
CTR-2019-June005-1BTerrazzo-Stainless St

5.79" (147mm)

White Hex Lines

Music is always closely linked to emotions. Melodic music can not only delight your ears, but also tug at your heartstrings The Inspiration for the linear lines comes from the ripples of melody while the music plays on.

10.39" (264mm)

Paper Onyx

11.93" (303mm)

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