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Marmo D Oro 48x96 - 2_edited.jpg


Browse our Collections that include a variety of styles, sizes and finishes.

Stonemood White - 3.jpg
Stonemood Steel - 3.jpg


Inspired by the beauty of natural stone, and which will surely complement any design from traditional, to classic, to modern. Porcelain tiles with a smooth, matt surface perfectly imitate natural stone, are based on a natural grey color palette, and thanks to their characteristic veining patterns they perfectly reflect the beauty of the natural world. 

Stonemood_white_64''x128'' (1).jpg
Stonemood Silver.png
Stonemood Steel.jpg
Stonemood_sand_24''x24'' (1).jpg
Soft Cement Graphite - 2.jpg

Soft Cement

Mimicing cement with the qualities of porcelain, offered in multiple finishes, the collection bolsters the monotone sophistication of modern style. Offering multiple colors, the interior can be staged using the combination to create contrast and clarity.

Soft Cement Silver - 5.jpg
Stonemood Steel.jpg
Masterstone Graphite - 1.jpg
Masterstone White - 1.jpg


Masterstone is a guarantee of elegance and style in any interior. Inspired by the Fior Di Bosco stone, this collection of porcelain stoneware tiles combines the elegance of stone with a subtle pattern of metamorphic rocks. The diversity and beauty of the Masterstone collection means that it can be used in all interiors – modern, industrial, contemporary, minimalistic or even vintage or classic ones. The tiles create an elegant and sublime arrangement.

Masterstone_white_48''x110'' (2).jpg
Masterstone_silver_48''x110'' (1).jpg
Masterstone_graphite_48''x110'' (2).jpg
Thassos Marmo - Room Scene.png

Classic Marbles

Timeless Elegance, sophisticated richness, wonders of the natural stone world, Cerrad has gifted us with their state of the art digital printing technology companied by their innovative designers to give us the Marble collection that brings some of the most famous and in demand marbles looks in porcelain form. This collection has an array of sizes, finishes and have the capabilities to be used in a numerous of applications.

Onix White 48x110 - 1.jpg
Statuario Nuovo 48x110 - 4.jpg
Calacatta White 48x110 - 4.jpg
Calacatta_gold_48''x110'' (2).jpg
Marquina Nero 48x110 - 4.jpg
Marquina_gold_48''x110'' (4).jpg
Onix Blue 48x110 -2.jpg
Statuario Nuovo - 2.jpg
Marmo - Morroco - Scene 2.jpg
Marmo - Scene 2.jpg


Contrasting the colors of the Mediterranian with the white density of Thassos, and the direct opposite created as the Morocco color.

Thassos Marmo - 1.png
Marmo - Morocco - 48x109.jpg


Bringing the mountainous textures and materials into the light of slates and rocky surfaces into durable porcelain versions

Ash_white_24''x48'' (1).jpg
Ash_silver_24''x48'' (1).jpg
Ash Black - 1.jpg
Ash Beige.jpg
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